Improving industrial environment

As a charitable organisation, the association aims at connecting the leading European experts and research establishments in the dust-extraction and air-cleaning sector to reach and promote the following goals.

Promote the public health system

Improve and  enforce the health-protection of employees

Promote the protection of the environment

Promote science and research

Provide a plattform for joint research, developement, studies and publications

Participate actively in the legislative process to develop technical and legal standards for air cleaning and dust extraction facilities in Europe

Provide independent and competent contact persons and experts to give statements, recommendations and surveys in case of facilities, that do not match the standards.

Contact us:

Mackstraße 18,

88348 Bad Saulgau


Europäischer Fachverband für

Luftreinhaltung & Entstaubungstechnik e.V.

Mackstrasse 18 - 88348 Bad Saulgau

Phone: +49 (0)7581 / 4871-0 | Fax -81 -

Vereinsregister VR 560537, Amtsgericht Ulm

President: Andre Schulte-Südhoff, Bad Laer (Germany)

Vice-President: Pierre Philippe Nangniot, Bierges (Belgium)